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Compare among the best credit offers in 24 hours of the market and get liquidity almost instantly. Choose the type of financing that best suits you and your needs according to their characteristics, request them in full online and get your loans in just 24 hours.

Can I get a loan in 24 hours?

24-hour loans are products that, as the name suggests, are granted on the same day the application is approved, that is, allowing the customer to enjoy the amount of the credit in a few hours. The loans in 24 hours are usually granted by PaydayNow.net in order to meet the financing needs of their clients quickly.

These quick loans are very useful to deal with emergencies or unforeseen events that, if not taken care of, incur an increasing expense. A good example can be a traffic fine because if paid at the time you can get a bonus of up to 50% and save a lot of money.

Most of the companies that offer loans in 24 hours grant a maximum of 4,000 euros, although we can get higher amounts of money if we request personal loans. Depending on the type of credit, the maximum amount that we can access will vary, with the mini credits it will be up to 750 euros if we are new clients in just 15 minutes and with fast loans up to 4,000 euros.

In addition, during the last years, many banks have also reduced the time of approval and granting of their loans and, currently, market several products that can be obtained in a matter of hours: payroll advances, pre-granted loans, etc. However, the contracting conditions demanded by banks tend to be more rigid and we can have more impediments in getting the money.

The requirements to request a quick credit

Although the online credits 24 hours offer us many advantages, it would be convenient that before asking us we could know in advance if we fulfill the requirements or not, so that they grant us this type of credit. We should know that the requirements that private lenders ask for are usually much later than those of traditional banking, so to get a 24-hour loan we will generally have to meet the following conditions:

  • Be of legal age: according to the entity, we must be over 18 years, 21 years or even 25 years.
  • Have a Spanish residence and live permanently in the national territory.
  • Having a demonstrable regular source of income, not necessarily a payroll, are also valid as sufficient income pension, income tax or unemployment benefit, among others.
  • Not be enrolled in ASNEF or similar: to be able to access the loans 24 hours we cannot have outstanding debts. However, there are some entities that offer loans with ASNEF for people registered in these lists. If this is our case, we must meet two additional requirements:
    • That the debt does not exceed 1,000 euros, although some entities allow us to access the financing we need even if our debt amounts to 2,000 euros.
    • That has no connection with a bank, that is, can not come from overdrafts in accounts, bank loans or credit cards.

Fulfilling these requirements, we will not have any problem in accessing the 24-hour loans we need. It is important to keep in mind that each entity will have its own established requirements and we must comply with all of them so that our request is finally approved. In addition, it is important to know that the more capital we request, in some cases, more requirements we will have to comply since our level of solvency should be sufficient to repay the loan requested within the agreed period without problems.

Other ways to get financing instantly

Other ways to get financing instantly

In addition to requesting some of the options raised a few moments ago, we can also resort to credit cards; one of the most used payment methods, with which we can get financing at the same time to make any purchase. These plastics are characterized by the rapidity with which we can dispose of the money and, in addition, by incorporating such attractive features as the possibility of obtaining discounts or participating in raffles.

When we talk about credit cards, it is important to differentiate between the time it takes the card to reach us and the time it will take to get our financing. In the first case, the plastic will arrive, generally, within a maximum period of two weeks and, in the second case, the money will be obtained immediately.

3 documents to get loans in 24 hours

One of the main characteristics of 24-hour loans is that very few documents are needed to access them. These papers may vary depending on the entity to which we apply and the risk policy established, although the vast majority of entities that grant loans 24 hours agree to require the following documents:

  • DNI or NIE identity document that verifies that we are of legal age and resident in Spain.
  • Account number in which we want to enter the money.
  • Bank statement or document that justifies our source of income. It can be from the last month or the last three months.

It is convenient that the papers we send are updated, that is, that we do not deliver a copy of our expired ID, for example, since the financial entity would oblige us to resend it and the process would slow down. In addition, when sending the documentation is essential that it is perfectly legible.

How to get mini loans in a day?

The credits instantly granted by private equity companies usually have a very fast application and concession process, since their objective is to offer an agile service to their clients. To request them we can do it completely online and, although the steps can change according to the entity, the vast majority usually have the following protocol:

  • Specify amount and term: with your online simulators, we can know how much we will pay in total according to these two variables and before detailing any personal data.
  • Fill out the form: once we have chosen the amount we want and when we will return it, we will have to fill out a form to start the application with our personal and economic data. These data will be used to perform the credit analysis prior to approval.
  • Send documentation: to certify that the form data are correct and to avoid identity theft, the entities will also request that we send a minimum of documentation such as the identity document, a bank statement and a receipt of income.
  • Read and sign the contract: finally, once our application is approved, the entity will send us a contract with all the conditions, rights and obligations of the credit. We must read carefully the entire contract and, if we agree with all its clauses, sign it and send it back to the entity.

Once the entity receives the signed contract, the contract has been formalized and we will make the transfer to the account that we have indicated immediately, so we can obtain the loans in 24 hours without problems. This application and grant process is completely automated so it will only take a few minutes to complete.

Can I do something to receive the money as soon as possible?

Can I do something to receive the money as soon as possible?

As we have said in the previous section, companies that grant quick credits approve applications in just a few minutes, but they can take up to 48 hours to send us the money. The reason for this delay is that, although entities make the transfer instantly, transfers of money between accounts of different banks take longer to be effective. As private equity lenders do not have accounts in all banks in Spain, choosing a credit that does not work with the bank where we have our income domiciled will make the money take longer to arrive.

What do I do if I see that my money has not yet arrived?

It is important that before hiring our loan 24 hours we read carefully the terms and conditions of the company to corroborate that the income will arrive as we expect, as there will be entities that will deposit the money in 24 hours and others in 48 hours. In addition, it is also important that we look at the detail of, for example, the expressions such as “income in 24 hours after loan approval”, which sometimes confuses us.

It is very unlikely that the money will not arrive if we have made the request correctly and it has been approved; Anyway, before any doubt, the best thing we can do is contact the entity in question to know what could have happened and remedy in the shortest possible time.